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1815 Redingote a la Hussarde

October 16, 2014

I am watching all of these wonderful peoples blogs and trying to learn from their experiences and I am now understanding I need to stop being scared and just get started.

A Damsel in This Dress

Regency Ball-1-2

For our  Regency stay in Bath I needed something for daywear. I had the evening attire, but apart from my riding habit, I didn’t have anything suitable. I had limited financial resources, but was able to put aside a few days for stitching – so the idea was to invest more in time rather than in the materials per se.  For Regency that simply meant using cotton:-) A quick browse though the costume books and boards, and I set my heart on that lovely redingote from the Kyoto Institute of Fashion, all in white cotton, with pom poms and insane amounts of piping.  Cotton fabric is cheap, so most of the expense would be the pompoms and the accessories – and so a decision has been made.



6m of plain cotton ( for top layer and lining) ( approximately £45)

66 pompoms ( all handmade in cotton by…

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Fun finally with Mirror!

January 10, 2010