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Dollie Slumber Party

August 19, 2010

     This weekend was the Dolly Slumber Party, and a lot of the gang was there! It was very fun. I am still learning all of the others names. I have realized that I was too overwhelmed with joy at not being alone to really bother to properly introduce myself and get the names of the others in attendance. We had a very nice set up with tables and chairs that were our size and a couple of different beds.

     Next time when I enter the room I shall introduce myself and ask all the other dolls for their names and request a picture of them with their mommies and daddies. At the slumber party where we had a blast, I got some body modifications done to make me look more human. It tickled. There were nice things to eat and wonderful friends to be friendly with. Ms.Skirt had so much fun that she stayed over the next day watching Korean Drama “You’re Beautiful” and with a new lady we will call Ms. Big Heart, and they had a blast, they laughed, cried, pouted and shouted at the computer screen.

   I think Ms. Skirt is already looking forward to doing it all again. Oh and the wonderful Doll Club President gave me a new wig and some grey eyes! She was an excellent hostess and I love the events that she puts together. I want to go again! Today!


Hello World!

June 17, 2010

Ya’ante! Tervetuloa! Ohayou Gozaimasu! Asalama alaikum! 
I’ve recently been adopted by a wonderful, talkative, creative woman named Andromeda. I was sitting in the warehouse waiting for a home and Andromeda wanted me. My new mommy is into so many cool and different things, as I spend time with her I get to see more and more of the rest of the big wide world. Andromeda is not quite what I expected, but that is not a complaint. I had no idea that I would become a princess and have to be educated in so many diverse areas. Upon arrival we watched Japanese anime, a Bollywood movie called Aaja Nachle and learned about acupuncture. I thought my tea party skills would cover anything, but with this new mommy everyday is a new chance to see and learn something that my mind hadn’t even conceived of yet… she is the epitome of a global citizen. When asked what her ethnicity is she prefers to say human or other, can a color really sum up all the parts of an individual or place someone that speaks Japanese and Hindi as strictly African American? I don’t understand the American classification system, what happens if you are biracial or quad-racial? Does the one drop rule still apply? These are things that we never heard of at the Doll Academy… As you can see she has opened my eyes to quite a lot of things, right out of the box! She is currently running errands and I am at home doing my homework! Join me as I learn all these new things! 

Easter Dolly Tea Party

May 28, 2010