Smithfield Doll House

In a little town called Smithfield Virginia where Smithfield Hams come from there is a little museum in downtown that houses a little treasure that I found and wanted to share with all of you. It’s a little doll house built of the Smith home in Surry county Virginia between Jamestown and Smithfield. The details amazed me and I was very impressed with Mr. Smith that made it. Especially with all the little details and wonder where he got his supplies and how much of it he made by hand. Seeing this treasure there in a town I have fond memories of the backside of. I almost wanted to ask for a job there as I saw ways to develop the potential of the museum and get a few more tourists into town. The nearby art scene a few doors down boasted some treasures and some talent I hadn’t seen before and one that I will blog about later. Please enjoy the Smith House.


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